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This June is the hottest since the beginning of the meteorological record.

As beautiful as the summer is, it also carries its risks with it and more and more doctors warn against the trivialization of heat waves!

We have put together some tips for you, which should be considered in the hot temperatures, among other things:


1. Be prudent! Toddlers and older people (neighbours!) May need support in the hot temperatures!

2. Drink a lot! Normally we need about two liters of fluid per day; On hot days, it can be quite three to four liters of water

3. Eat light meals! Hard-to-digest, high-fat or rich meals are heavy in the stomach and additionally burden the circulation. You should therefore eat salad or fruit instead of roast

4. Replace salt and minerals! When we sweat a lot, our body also loses important minerals and trace elements. These can be replaced by mineral drinks again

5. Airy clothing: For the summer, light, airy clothing made of natural fibers is recommended. This helps prevent heat buildup in the body. In direct sunlight, especially children should wear a headgear

6. Avoid over-exertion! Do not burden your circulation with heavy physical work or sports. Because every physical exertion increases the energy expenditure and thus the body heat which the body has to give off to the environment. It is better to do sports in the early morning or in the evening

7.During the day off from the heat: It is best to ventilate your apartment well in the mornings and evenings and close shutters and blinds during the day

8.Quick cooling: If you're tired, you can use cold water over the inside of your wrists to cool off in the summer, or even better, take a cold forearm and foot bath. Due to the cold stimulus, the vessels are set at least for a short time closer - the cycle is strengthened again

9. Avoid alcohol: After drinking alcohol, the blood vessels in the body are additionally put even further than they already are, that is, the circulation is still less blood available. In addition, the fluid excretion via the kidney is stimulated - the body loses even more fluid and minerals. Therefore, do not use alcoholic drinks during the hot days

10. Treat yourself to short breaks: do not strain yourself. Treat yourself to frequent breaks and discover some of our wonderful summer properties:



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